[Archived] Apply for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2

Has your operation been directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? USDA is implementing updates to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program for producers of agricultural commodities marketed in 2020 who faced market disruptions due to COVID-19. This is part of a larger initiative to improve USDA pandemic assistance to producers.

[This page has been archived.] The signup period for USDA’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP 2) is closed. USDA’s Farm Service Agency re-opened CFAP 2 signup beginning April 5, 2021. Signup closed on October 12, 2021.

Complete CFAP 2 Application

USDA’s Farm Service Agency offered multiple options for producers to apply for CFAP 2. Click below to learn about each option.

Visit for all eligibility information. 

Additional Application Information

In addition to the application form, our staff worked with producers to complete portions of the CCC-902 – Farm Operating Plan – if necessary. Additionally, the following forms were needed for CFAP 2. If you are an existing customer, this information is likely on file at your local USDA Service Center.

  • CCC-901 – Identifies members of a farm or ranch that is a legal entity. Member Information will be completed by legal entities and joint operations to collect the following:
    • member names, addresses, and Tax Identification Numbers
    • citizenship status
  • CCC-941 – Reports your average adjusted gross income for programs where income restrictions apply. Note: Forms CCC-941 and CCC-942 (if applicable), used for certifying average AGI and Farm AGI, are required to be filed by the applicant. The individual or a legal entity applying must provide information on all members, stockholders, or partners at or above the fourth level of ownership in the business structure.
  • CCC-942 – If applicable, this certification reports income from farming, ranching, or forestry-related activities for those exceeding the adjusted gross income limitation. Note: Forms CCC-941 and CCC-942 (if applicable), used for certifying average AGI and Farm AGI, are required to be filed by the applicant. The individual or a legal entity applying must provide information on all members, stockholders, or partners at or above the fourth level of ownership in the business structure.
  • AD-1026 – Ensures compliance with highly erodible land conservation and wetland conservation.
  • AD-2047 – Provides basic customer contact information.
  • SF-3881 – Collects your banking information to allow USDA to make payments to you via direct deposit.

To complete the CFAP 2 application, producers needed to reference their production, sales, inventory, revenue, and other records. However, since CFAP 2 is a self-certification program, this documentation did not need to be submitted with the application. Contract producers must have provided a copy of their contract. Because applications were subject to County Committee review and spot check, some producers were required to provide documentation. Producers should retain the records and documentation they use to complete the application.

Modify Existing CFAP 2 Application

FSA has announced multiple adjustments to the program that could require producers to update existing CFAP 2 applications. These include:

  • The addition of certain eligible commodities. Commodities that are eligible for CFAP 2 but were not announced as eligible under the initial rule include pullets, turfgrass sod, grass seed, and livestock and poultry raised under contract. 
  • The adjustment of payment calculations for sales-based commodities. FSA adjusted the CFAP 2 payment calculation for sales-based commodities to account for crop insurance indemnities, Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) payments, and Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus (WHIP+) payments in crop year 2018 and 2019. FSA also amended the CFAP 2 payment calculation for sales-based commodities to allow producers to substitute 2018 sales for 2019 sales as announced on August 24, 2021. Previously only 2019 was used to approximate the amount producers of sales-based commodities would have expected to market in 2020. Giving producers the option to substitute 2018 sales for 2019 sales provides additional flexibility to producers who had reduced sales in 2019. Visit for a list of all sales-based commodities eligible for CFAP 2.
  • The adjustment of payment calculations for certain row crops. FSA updated the CFAP 2 payment calculation for row crop producers who had crop insurance but did not have an available 2020 Actual Production History (APH) approved yield. FSA is now using 100 percent of the 2019 Agriculture Risk Coverage-County Option benchmark yield for CFAP 2 applications for these producers, rather than the original 85 percent. This calculation change impacts producers with crop insurance coverage who grow barley, corn, sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers, upland cotton, and wheat.

Producers who applied during the CFAP 2 signup period that closed December 11, and are now eligible to modify their application, should contact the FSA office at their local USDA Service Center to get started. All CFAP 2 applications must be modified by the signup deadline, October 12, 2021.  Additional eligibility information is available on

Assistance with Applying

We are committed to delivering USDA services to America’s farmers and ranchers while taking safety measures in response to the pandemic. Some USDA offices are open to limited visitors by appointment only. Service Center staff also continue to work with agricultural producers via phone, email, and other digital tools.

Please call the FSA office at your local USDA Service Center if you’d like assistance or have questions about applying for CFAP 2.

A call center is available for producers who would like additional one-on-one support with the CFAP 2 application process. Please call 877-508-8364 to speak directly with a USDA employee ready to offer assistance. The call center can provide service to non-English speaking customers. Customers will select 1 for English and 2 for Spanish. For other languages, customers will select 1 and indicate their language to the call center staff.

Additional CFAP Payments

USDA implemented an increase in CFAP 1 payment rates for cattle based on the number of cattle in inventory between April 16, 2020, to May 14, 2020. Cattle producers with approved CFAP 1 applications automatically received these payments starting April 1. The following payment rates were used:

Eligible Commodity Payment Rate
Feeder Cattle: Less than 600 Pounds $7.00/head
Feeder Cattle: 600 Pounds or More $25.50/head
Slaughter Cattle: Fed Cattle $63.00/head
Slaughter Cattle: Mature Cattle $14.75/head
All Other Cattle $17.25/head

Eligible producers do not need to submit a new CFAP 1 application form or take any action. Only producers who previously applied for CFAP 1 are eligible to receive this additional payment.

CFAP Information

Visit for more information on the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, including eligible commodities, producer eligibility, payment limitations and structure, and the latest program resources.

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