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Agricultural producers like you are the backbone of what we do. You’re not only who we serve, but who we learn from. We rely on your expertise to help us develop programs and offer services that best suit local needs. Your relationships with other producers in your community help us expand our reach to ensure all farmers, ranchers and forest landowners have access to available USDA programs.

Get Involved in USDA Program Delivery

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Farm Service Agency County Committees

Farm Service Agency (FSA) county committees serve as a direct link between the agricultural community and the USDA. Committee members help deliver FSA farm programs at the local level and make FSA programs serve the needs of local producers.

Each June, FSA seeks nominations for producers to serve on the committee. Voting takes from early November to early December. Newly elected members begin their term in January of the following year. Members serve a three-year term.

FSA also has 17 county committees specifically focused on urban agriculture. These committees work to encourage and promote urban, indoor and other emergency agricultural practices. Additionally, they may address other issues including food access, community engagement, and more.

Learn more about FSA county committees and what's required to vote and serve

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Conservation Districts

Almost every county has an organization dedicated to conserving and promoting healthy soils, water, forests and wildlife. These districts work closely with the staff at the local Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to coordinate assistance from public and private sources from the local to the federal levels, to develop solutions for local natural resource concerns.

Districts are often governed by an elected board of supervisors or commissioners. Elections vary from state to state. Many district boards also include opportunities to serve as assistant commissioners or supervisors.

Learn more by contacting your local conservation district or the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD)

USDA Advisory Committees

There are many leadership opportunities available to you beyond the leadership opportunities available to you beyond the local level. USDA has over 40 advisory committees. These committees advise the Secretary on a variety of topics.

Connect and Learn with Partners

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Cooperative Extension Offices

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USDA and agricultural colleges in the Land Grant University System around the country together support an extensive network of state, regional, and county cooperative extension offices. These offices address common issues faced by agricultural producers, and conduct workshops and educational events for the agricultural community.

Visit a Cooperative Extension Office Near You

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Farmland Information Center

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Farmland Information Center is a clearinghouse for information about farmland protection and stewardship. The Farm Information center is a project of American Farmland Trust maintained on behalf of and with support from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Through the farmland protection directory, producers can search geographically for public programs and land trusts that protect farm and ranch land for agriculture.

Search Farmland Information Center

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Your State Department of Agriculture

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The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture’s (NASDA) website contains contact information plus an ag snapshot of statistics for your state. NASDA Members are coregulators with the federal government on a host of responsibilities including animal health, farmland protection, food safety, grain regulation, pesticide registration, and more.  

Visit the NASDA Website

Lead Locally

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Research and Promotion Program Boards

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Be a voice for your industry by serving on a Research and Promotion Program Board. These programs, which are overseen by USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, focus on research, marketing, and consumer outreach efforts that improve, maintain, and develop opportunities for agricultural commodities. There are 22 Research and Promotion programs serving a variety of commodity industries, from eggs to soybeans, lumber to lamb.

Serve on a Research and Promotion Program Board

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4-H partners with universities to provide mentoring and help youth build a foundation of leadership and skills for success.

Learn More About 4-H

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The National FFA Organization develops the potential of students for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success as an integral part of agricultural education—from production farming, agribusiness, and forestry to biotechnology, marketing, and food processing.

Learn More About the FFA

Find a Mentor

SCORE offers free mentoring, workshops, and online resources for entrepreneurs, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness. USDA and its partners across rural America are working with SCORE to support new farming and ranching operations. Read more about the USDA and SCORE partnership.

Visit the SCORE website to search for or become a mentor today.

Find Your Local Service Center

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USDA Service Centers are locations where you can connect with Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or Rural Development employees for your business needs. Enter your state and county below to find your local service center and agency offices. If this locator does not work in your browser, please visit

Learn more about our Urban Service Centers.

Visit the Risk Management Agency website to find a regional or compliance office or to find an insurance agent near you.