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Learn about the benefits of conservation practices directly from the farmers, ranchers, and forestland owners applying them with our 90-second video series. Explore the different types of conservation practices and pick a video to watch below or view the whole playlist of videos in alphabetical order

Explore all our different conservation methods used by producers around the country. You can filter the results by one or more types of conservation concern.

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Compost Facility
2 minutes
Compost facilities consist of a structure or device to contain and facilitate an aerobic microbial ecosystem for the decomposition of manure, other organic material, or both, into a final product.
Energy Efficient Ag Operation
1 minute
Energy efficient agricultural operations include on-farm facilities, equipment, and management strategies that provide increased energy efficiency.
Obstruction Removal
1 minute
Obstruction removal consists of the removal and disposal of buildings, structures, vegetation, debris, or other materials.
Herbaceous Wind Barrier
2 minutes
Herbaceous wind barriers consist of herbaceous vegetation established in narrow strips within the field to reduce wind speed and wind erosion.
Vegetative Barrier
2 minutes
Vegetative barriers consist of permanent strips of stiff, dense vegetation established along the general contour of slopes or across concentrated flow areas.
Forest Farming
1 minute
Forest farming consists of managing or establishing stands of trees or shrubs in coordination with the management and/or cultivation of understory plants or nontimber forest products.
Fuel Break
1 minute
A fuel break is a strip or appropriately sized block of land on which the vegetation, debris, and litter have been reduced and/or modified to control or diminish the spread of fire.
Access Road
1 minute
Access road provides a fixed route for vehicular travel for resource activities involving the management of conservation forestry operations, livestock, agriculture, wildlife habitat and more.
Streambank/Shoreline Protection
1 minute
Streambank and shoreline protection consists of applying vegetative or structural measures to stabilize and protect banks of streams, lakes, estuaries, or excavated channels from scour or erosion.