USDA is here to help farmers, ranchers, and foresters get the farm loan support they need to be successful. Whether you’re a new farmer just getting started or a seasoned rancher in business for decades, we have agriculture loan options to help you meet your goals.

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    Farm Loan Options

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    Loans to Purchase or Expand a Farm or Ranch

    Farm Ownership Loans can be used to purchase or expand a farm or ranch. This loan can help with paying closing costs, constructing or improving buildings on the farm, or to help conserve and protect soil and water resources.

    USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) offers up to $600,000 for eligible borrowers through Farm Ownership Loans.

    Microloans are a type of Operating or Farm Ownership Loan offered by FSA. They’re designed to meet the needs of small and beginning farmers, or for non-traditional and specialty operations by easing some of the requirements and offering less paperwork.

    Emergency loans offered by FSA help you if you suffered a qualifying loss caused by natural disasters that damaged your farm or ranch.

    Guaranteed farm ownership loans offered by FSA help family farmers and ranchers to obtain loans from USDA approved commercial lenders at reasonable terms to buy
    farmland or finance agricultural production.

    Single family housing loans offered by Rural Development help with purchasing or building a new single family home, repairing an existing home, or refinancing a current mortgage.

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    Loans to Purchase Livestock, Seed or Equipment

    Farm Operating Loans can be used to purchase livestock, seed and equipment. It can also cover farm operating costs and family living expenses while a farm gets up and running.

    FSA offers up to $400,000 for eligible borrowers through Farm Operating Loans.

    Operating loans can also be used for forest operation needs. View more USDA resources on our forest operations page.

    Microloans are a type of Operating or Farm Ownership Loan offered by FSA. They’re designed to meet the needs of small and beginning farmers, or for non-traditional and specialty operations by easing some of the requirements and offering less paperwork.

    Youth Loans are a type of Operating Loan offered by FSA for young farmers between 10-20 years old who need assistance with an educational agricultural project. Typically, these youth are participating in 4-H clubs, FFA , or a similar organization.

    Guaranteed farm operating loans offered by FSA may be used to purchase livestock, farm equipment, feed, seed, fuel, farm chemicals, insurance, and other operating expenses.

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    Storage Loans

    Storage loans, like the Farm Storage Facility Loan and the Sugar Storage Facility Loan, can be used to help producers build or upgrade farm storage and handling facilities.

    FSA offers up to $500,000 for storage facilities and $100,000 for storage and handling trucks for eligible borrowers through Farm Storage Facility Loans. For Sugar Storage Facility Loans, the maximum principal amount of any loan is calculated as 85 percent of the net cost of the applicant’s needed storage.

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    Commodity Loans

    Marketing Assistance Loans (MALs) offered by FSA provide producers interim financing at harvest time to meet cash flow needs without having to sell their commodities when market prices are typically at harvest-time lows.

    Loan Deficiency Payments (LDPs) offered by FSA are payments made to producers who, although eligible to obtain a CCC loan, agree to forgo the loan in return for a payment on the eligible commodity.

    To get help with loans for your specific situation, contact your local Service Center or use one of the farm loan tools below.


    USDA does not offer grants for purchasing land and most grants that are available are for low dollar amounts or for very specific purposes. If you are looking for a grant, check with your local Service Center — they may be aware of state grant opportunities — or check out the following resources:

    Farm Loan Assistance Tool

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    Check your eligibility for FSA loans, discover the various FSA loan products, learn about documentation requirements, and follow easy-to-understand instructions when completing the loan application forms.

    Once you have a better idea of the type of loan you need for your farm operation, you can apply for a farm loan online through the FSA Online Loan Application, a secure portal where you can complete your application and submit it for processing. You can reach the FSA Online Loan Application by using the Farm Loan Assistance Tool. also offers the Farm Loan Discovery Tool where you can find a USDA Farm Loan that might be right for you by answering a few short questions. Learn about your eligibility and find application guides to help you prepare for your USDA Service Center visit with a loan officer.

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    Discover USDA Farm Loans

    Farm Loan Application Quick Guides

    Once you have a better idea of the type of loan you need for your farm operation, use one of our PDF guides below to learn how to apply for farm loans and prepare for your visit to a Service Center. Your local USDA Service Center can help guide you throughout the loan application process.

    These guides are also available en Español.

    Beginning Farmer and Rancher Loans

    Are you new to farming or ranching? USDA can help you get started or grow your farming operation through a variety of programs and services. From farm loans to crop insurance, and conservation programs to disaster assistance, USDA is here to support you and your operation.

    Learn more about loans for beginning farmers and ranchers

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    If you a farm loan with USDA, you can view loan details and other financial information with a account.

    You can also access your portal account to view:

    • Loan information
    • Interest payments for the current calendar year (including year-to-date interest paid for the past five years)
    • Loan advance and payment history
    • Paid-in-full and restructured loans
    • Account alerts, giving borrowers important notifications regarding their loans. For example, an account alert will be displayed if a loan is past due.

    Additionally, borrowers who operate their farms as individuals and have Direct Farm Loans with USDA can make online payments using the Pay My Loan feature

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    Visit the Risk Management Agency website to find a regional or compliance office or to find an insurance agent near you.