OneSpan and Box: Secure Solutions for Signing and Sharing USDA Documents

Did you know your local Farm Service Agency (FSA) and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Service Center lets you sign documents from your computer or mobile device through an eSignature tool called OneSpan?

FSA & NRCS also offers the ability to share large files remotely through the secure, cloud-based technology, Box.

Of course you may continue to do business as you prefer, in person, via phone, or U.S. postal mail since using OneSpan or Box is optional.

About OneSpan and Box

Online Resources to Access, Sign, and Share Documents

OneSpan and Box make it easy for customers to conveniently access, sign and share documents online from computers and mobile devices. These tools work directly on your internet browser and do not require you to download any software. Both tools are free, secure, and available for many FSA and NRCS programs.

For customers that utilize a account, these technologies do not replace those existing eSiganture and file sharing capabilities, they are just additional options that do not require eAuthentication to use.


OneSpan is a secure eSignature solution for FSA and NRCS. No software downloads or eAuthentication is required to use OneSpan. Customers will be asked to provide a personal email address and identity verification through two-factor authentication (2FA). This means the customer receives an email with a link to their documents. The link will verify the customers identity either by use of a text message with a verification code sent to their mobile phone or a personalized question and answer. After your identity is confirmed, your documents can be reviewed and eSigned. Once you’ve eSigned your documents they are immediately available for both you and the servicing USDA Office.


Box offers a free, secure, cloud-based solution where FSA or NRCS documents can be managed and shared. Producers who choose to use Box can create a username and password to access their Box account, where documents can be downloaded, printed, manually signed, scanned, uploaded, and shared digitally with Service Center staff. This service is available to any FSA or NRCS customer with access to a computer or mobile device with printer connectivity.

Box does not require a software download, but an app version is available.

How to Get Started

Simply ask your servicing USDA Office about these tools and they will assist you with the next steps.

It’s important when participating in any of USDA’s programs to keep your personal records up to date, including email and phone numbers, to allow for ease of communications. If interested in these options a current email address will be required and for OneSpan a mobile phone number will also be required, if you choose to validate your identity that way.

Once the office has confirmed your email and two-factor authentication, these are the next steps.

OneSpan steps:

  1. USDA Service Center staff will initiate a OneSpan email to your personal email.
  2. Once received, you will click the link inside the email saying, “Go To Documents”.
  3. Clicking the link generates either a text message with a 6-digit code or asks the personalized Q&A to verify your identity.
  4. Once verified, you can view and click to eSign your documents.

OneSpan will give notification when eSigning is completed, it will automatically make the documents available to both you and the servicing USDA office.


OneSpan quick-guide: This guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions for using OneSpan, from getting started, logging in and eSigning your documents.

For a step-by-step example of using OneSpan watch this video: This video demonstration provides a walkthrough of how farmers and ranchers can use OneSpan to digitally sign and share USDA documents.

Remote video URL


Box steps:

  1. USDA Service Center Staff will initiate a Box invitation to your personal email instructing you to create a log in being sure to use the free option.
  2. You will be able to use this free account to view any document awaiting your action (only if you’ve established you would like to do this with FSA or NRCS).
  3. You can download the document(s) from Box, print the document(s), share large files such as photos, maps, entity documents, production evidence, etc.


Box quick-guide: This guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions for using Box, from getting started and logging, downloading and sharing files with your USDA Service Center.

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