#FridaysOnTheFarm: Coffee Table Dreams Become Reality for Western Iowa Couple

Posted by Jason Johnson, Natural Resources Conservation Service in Conservation Farming
Oct 25, 2018

From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, USDA brings people together across the nation for: healthier food, natural resources and people; a stronger agricultural industry; and economic growth, jobs and innovation. Each Friday, meet those farmers, producers and landowners through our #FridaysOnTheFarm stories. Visit local farms, ranches, forests and resource areas where USDA customers and partners do right and feed everyone.

This Friday, meet Molly and John Heaps, who only a short decade ago worked full-time non-farming jobs. Now, they run a farm.

This Friday, meet Molly and John Heaps. Only a short decade ago, the pair worked full-time, non-farming jobs. Now, they run a diverse operation in Loess Hills, Iowa, with 60 cow-calf pairs.

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Category/Topic: Conservation Farming