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Thanks to #OurFarmers for Voluntary Conservation

In this season of giving thanks, we are grateful to our most important partners in implementing conservation: #OurFarmers. NRCS is about supporting America’s farmers, ranchers, and forest land managers, both helping them better manage their operations while conserving natural resources.

Images of America’s farmers, ranchers, and forest land managers

Throughout the year, we highlight stories of the amazing work that these farmers are doing on their own land, and how we have been able to contribute to their success. Here are a few of our favorites:

“This program has been an absolute godsend for us here on the farm… It’s made my property much more productive, and I’m just so thankful there’s a program like this for beginning farmers. I couldn’t have done it without NRCS.” 

Bill Renfroe, Air Force veteran and beginning farmer

 “One of the resources we think about regularly on our farm is human resources – and collaboration with other people. The collaboration we have with RMA, FSA and NRCS is important to our team… These agencies’ programs help us offset risks we face season-to-season as we deal with weather and markets out of our control.”

Justin Knopf, fifth-generation farmer

 “We need to make a profit, obviously, but, for me, I want to do it while protecting mother nature and precious resources like water. I can do this with NRCS’ help.”

Martha Romero, owner of a 20-acre orchard

 “For my family, farming and conservation go hand in hand… Our goal is to try and be good stewards of the land, and the assistance that NRCS offers encourages and makes that possible.”

Bob Sunderland, dairy farm owner

 “We wouldn’t have been able to do cover crops on all our acres without the help of NRCS or add monarch and pollinator habitat… NRCS makes us feel good about doing the right thing for our land.”

Lucy Doudlah, organic farmer

 “There seems to be a can-do-it attitude that I've really appreciated [at NRCS]… They've helped me through some big projects. I also appreciate the human aspect; I found them to be very easy to work with. We regard them as an important partner in the farm’s success.”

Jan Johnson, owner of an organic produce and livestock farm



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