USDA Expands to Include Farm Records

Producers with accounts can now access farm records and maps online, the latest self-service feature added to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website.

You can quickly and easily access your land information in real time by desktop computer, tablet or phone. Capabilities include:

  • View, print and export detailed farm records such as cropland, base acres, yields, CRP acres, land ownership details, and much more;
  • View, print and export farm/tract maps that can be provided to lenders, chemical or fertilizer providers, and FSA for reporting acreage and crop insurance agents; and
  • Export common land unit (field) boundaries as ESRI shapefiles.
  • Import, save and edit ESRI shapefiles

The ability to access these records on demand without a visit to the service center saves you time and money. now includes the most popular functionalities from FSAFarm+, the FSA portal for producers, while providing enhanced functionality and an improved user experience. A new enhancement expands the scope of accessibility to include farmers and ranchers who are members of an entity, as well as people with a power of attorney form (FSA-211) on file with FSA.

Screenshot of new farm records page on

Managing USDA Business Online

Using, producers, entities and those acting on their behalf can also view farm loan and interest information as well as complete the following actions related to NRCS conservation programs:

  • View, upload, download, and e-sign conservation documents.
  • Request financial assistance, including submitting a program application.
  • View and submit conservation requests.
  • View technical references and submit questions.
  • Access information on current and past conservation practices, plans and contracts.
  • Report practice completion and request practice certification.

Future plans include adding the ability to import and view other shapefiles, such as precision agriculture planting boundaries.

To access your information, you'll need a USDA eAuth account to login to After obtaining an eAuth account, producers should visit and sign into the site’s authenticated portal via the Log In/Sign Up link at the top right of the website. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge are the recommended browsers to access the feature.

Watch the tutorial videos for more information on how to access your land information on

More Information

In addition to the self-service features available by logging into, the website also has ample information on USDA programs, including pandemic assistance, farm loans, disaster assistance, conservation programs and crop insurance. Recently, USDA updated the navigation and organization of the site as well as added some new webpages, including “Get Involved,” “Common Forms,” and “Translations.” Learn more about these changes.