#OurFarmers Roadtrip

Summer is here! Ready to get back on the road?

We’re kicking off the 2019 #OurFarmers Roadtrip! Put down the windows, turn up the radio, and join us in meeting just a few of the farmers and ranchers growing food, fuel, and fiber across the United States.

An #OurFarmers roadtrip map of the United States.

Just like last year’s Natural Resources Conservation Service #ConservationRoadtrip, we’re going to visit some exceptional farmers and ranchers who are working with USDA to strengthen and grow their operations. As a bonus, the Farm Service Agency and Risk Management Agency are joining the fun for 2019.

#OurFarmers are using USDA programs and services – such as farm loans, conservation programs, and crop insurance – to be and stay successful. These producers are going to show us how it’s done. Let's get rolling!

Day 1: Delaware – Building a Soil Health Legacy for the Land

Day 2: Maryland – Waterman Succeeds at Oyster Restoration Projects

Day 3: West Virginia – Living the Sweet Life

Day 4: Virginia – When the Landscape Becomes an Art Form

Day 5: FloridaBuilding the Legacy of a True Family Farm

Day 6: Puerto Rico – A Roof Over Their Heads

Day 7: Louisiana – A Legacy of Conservation, Cajun Style!

Day 8: Arkansas – A Role Model Farmer

Day 9: Missouri – Dairyman Links Family Legacy

Day 10: Iowa – The Strength of Four Generations

Day 11: Minnesota – Grazing Cover Crops in Minnesota

Day 12: South Dakota – Ranching on the High Plains

Day 13: Texas – Passion for Farming and Teaching

Day 14: Arizona – A Successful Dairy with Humble Beginnings

Day 15: Wyoming- The Heart of Conservation

Day 16: Washington- Sage Grouse and Bitterroot

Day 17: California- Organic Herbs & Empowerment

Want to follow along? Track our progress across the country!

Access a text-only version of these multimedia stories here. (PDF, 395 KB)