Heirs' Property Relending Program

Have you inherited land without a clear title or documented legal ownership? The Heirs’ Property Relending Program (HPRP) can help you resolve heirs’ land ownership and succession issues on agricultural land. 

Heirs’ property issues have long been a barrier for many producers and landowners to access USDA programs and services, and this relending program provides access to capital to help producers find a resolution. The program’s benefits go far beyond its participants. It will also keep farmland in farming, protect family farm legacies and support economic viability.  

What Is Heirs’ Property?

Heirs’ property is a legal term that refers to family land inherited without a will or legal documentation of ownership. It has historically been challenging for heirs to benefit from USDA programs because of the belief that they cannot get a farm number without proof of ownership or control of land. Learn more about heirs’ property and how USDA can help establish a farm number.

How the Program Works

This program works differently than other USDA programs. Rather than USDA providing the loan directly to producers, the loan is provided to intermediary lenders, who then relend the funds to producers like you.


1. USDA provides loans to eligible lenders

Intermediary lenders (cooperatives, credit unions, nonprofit organizations who have worked with socially disadvantaged, limited resource, or beginning farmers) can apply for loans up to $5 million at 1% interest.

Farm Service Agency (FSA) will select and announce lenders.

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2. Heirs apply directly to lenders

Heirs can apply directly to lenders for loans and assistance.

Heirs and lenders will need to repay the loan as directed by the 2018 Farm Bill. Heirs will repay the loan to lenders at the interest rate set by the intermediary lender. Intermediary lenders will repay USDA at the 1% interest rate.

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3. Heirs resolve title issues

Heirs may use the loans to resolve title issues by financing the purchase or consolidation of property interests and financing costs associated with a succession plan.

Using Program Loans

Heirs may use the loans to resolve title issues by financing the purchase or consolidation of property interests and financing costs associated with a succession plan.

This may also include costs of buying out fractional interests of other heirs to clear the title, which includes closing costs, appraisals, title searches, surveys, preparing documents, mediation, and legal services.   

Heirs may not use the loans for any land improvement, development purpose, acquisition or repair of buildings, acquisition of personal property, payment of operating costs, payment of finders’ fees, or similar costs.

USDA's Farm Service Agency can provide additional assistance through the farmer ownership and operating loan programs to assist heirs in financing other credit needs in conjunction with the Heirs’ Property loan provided by the intermediary.

How to Apply for an Heirs' Property Relending Program Loan

Intermediary lenders will make loans to heirs who: 

  • Are individuals or legal entities with authority to incur the debt and to resolve ownership and succession of a farm owned by multiple owners. 
  • Are a family member or heir-at-law related by blood or marriage to the previous owner of the property. 
  • Agree to complete a succession plan. 

Heirs should contact one of the following approved intermediary lenders for more information on applying.

Akiptan, Inc.

  • Service Area: Nationwide, targeting Indian Country.
  • Contact: Skya Ducheneaux, 605-964-8081

Cherokee Nation Economic Development Trust Authority

  • Service Area: Producers in rural areas (as designated by USDA) of the 14 counties, in whole or in part, encompassing the Cherokee Nation Reservation. Borrower(s) must reside in the Service Area and land must be agricultural land located in the Service Area.
  • Contact: Stephen Highers, 918-207-3955; and Brian Wagman, 918-453-5531

Shared Capital Cooperative

How to Become an Intermediary Lender

Intermediary lenders must:

  • Be certified as a community development financial institution
  • Have experience and capability in making and servicing agricultural and commercial loans that are similar in nature.

How to Apply

Eligible intermediary lenders can apply using FSA – 2637: Heirs Property Relending Program Application for Loan. It provides FSA information for the analysis and loan determination process.

The application package should be sent via email to or by postal mail:
Attention: Heirs' Property Relending Program
Office Deputy Administrator for Farm Loan Programs
FSA, U.S. Department of Agriculture
1400 Independence Avenue SW, Stop 0522
Washington, DC 20250-0522

Read our fact sheet about how to become a re-lender for the Heirs' Property Relending Program.

Those applicants with at least 10 years or more of experience with socially disadvantaged farmers that are located in states that have adopted a statute consisting of enactment or adoption of the Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act (UPHPA) will receive first preference. States who have adopted UPHPA can be found on the Uniform Law Commission webpage.

Heirs' Property Technical Assistance

In partnership with USDA's Farm Service Agency, the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund (FSC/LAF) supports heirs by providing outreach and technical assistance on the Heirs' Property Relending Program. 

Through this partnership, FSC/LAF provide assistance to both heirs and to prospective intermediary lenders.

  • FSC/LAF educates heirs on the program and ensures they receive programmatic and general support when applying to the Heirs' Property Relending Program. 
  • FSC/LAF engages prospective intermediary lenders to support application to the Heirs' Property Relending Program.

For more information on these services, please email or call (404) 765-0991 and ask about the USDA FSA Heirs' Property Relending Program.

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