#FridaysOnTheFarm: An Ecosystem of Sustainability

Posted by Anita Brown in Farming Conservation
Aug 02, 2018

From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, USDA brings people together across the nation for: healthier food, natural resources, and people; a stronger agricultural industry; and economic growth, jobs, and innovation. Each Friday, meet those farmers, producers, and landowners through our #FridaysOnTheFarm stories. Visit local farms, ranches, forests, and resource areas where USDA customers and partners do right and feed everyone.

Fifth Crow Farm

This Friday, meet the trio who runs Fifth Crow Farm, a 75-acre organic farm in Pescadero, California.  From day one, John Vars, Teresa Kurtak and Mike Irving – who met at UC Santa Cruz’s Farm and Garden Program – used a conservation plan to make improvements and gain efficiencies on their diversified farm a mile and a half from the Pacific Ocean.

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