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Learn our process doesn’t deliver every agricultural resource, tool or story for farmers, ranchers and foresters – and it doesn’t pretend to. Instead, we’re talking to our customers and field employees, many farmers and ranchers themselves. We’re building around those ideas, adding small content and features often for the greatest immediate value.

Right now, has wide open space, a few fence posts and a little know-how. Check back often for new information and features on how you can conserve and protect your land and resources.

USDA recognizes that conservation by farmers, ranchers and forest owners today means thriving and sustainable agriculture for our future. Seventy percent of the nation's land is privately owned. Conservation of our nation's private lands not only results in healthy soil, water, air, plants, animals and ecosystems but also provides productive and sustainable working lands.
Whether you are small-scale vegetable grower, a cattle rancher on 10,000 acres of range, a multi-tract timber manager or someone who owns agricultural land, USDA has tools and resources to help you learn about conservation and what you can do, voluntarily, to improve the natural resource conditions on your land.
Manage Your Natural Resources

USDA provides conservation information and assistance to help you manage, improve, conserve and protect your soil, water, air, plant and animal resources - including livestock, wild animals, birds, fish, insects and pollinators.

Soils are the foundation for, well, everything. Through the Soil Survey program and the National Cooperative Soil Survey, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and partners investigate, inventory, classify and describe the soils of the United States and beyond. This information can be used for farm or area planning purposes, soil quality assessments, certain conservation practices and in some cases, even for civil engineering purposes. Want to know what your soils make up your farm? Try out the Web Soil Survey.

Get Technical Assistance

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Conservation Technical Assistance Program provides agricultural producers and other natural resource managers with the knowledge and tools they need to conserve, maintain and restore the natural resources on the lands that they manage.

Although the program does not include financial or cost-share assistance, clients may develop conservation plans, which can serve as a springboard for those interested in participating in USDA financial assistance programs. Conservation Technical Assistance Program planning can also serve as a door to financial assistance and easement conservation programs provided by other federal, state and local programs.

Explore Financial Assistance Options

No matter your conservation goals, we can help you achieve them by providing one-on-one personalized advice and access to financial resources to apply your conservation choices.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service offers several financial assistance programs to apply or enhance conservation on land in agricultural production, including:

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service also works with partners and producers to protect working farms and ranches through easements and to establish or restore wildlife habitat and retire lands. Learn more about the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program, Water Bank Program and Healthy Forest Reserve Program for your long-term goals.

USDA Farm Service Agency provides financial assistance to producers through the Conservation Reserve Program, Conservation Contract Program and Conservation Loan Program.