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Apply for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Are you a farmer or rancher whose operation has been directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic? The Coronavirus Food Assistance Program provides direct relief to producers who faced price declines and additional marketing costs due to COVID-19.

USDA’s Farm Service Agency is accepting CFAP applications now through August 28, 2020.

Apply Today

USDA’s Farm Service Agency offers multiple ways for you to apply for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program to meet your business needs. Those include:

Apply Online

Producers with an eAuthentication account can now apply for CFAP via our CFAP Application Portal. Step-by-step instructions are available in our CFAP Application Portal User Guide. Applications are completed, electronically signed, and submitted directly to your local Service Center through this online system. Producers interested in creating an eAuthentication account should visit to learn more.

Producers without an eAuthentication account also have the option of signing and sharing their CFAP applications online using our new document signature solutions initiated by Service Center staff. 

Manually Complete Application

Producers who are interested in filling out the CFAP application manually can download the application form, AD-3114, to fill out and return to the FSA office at their local USDA Service Center. If you need more space, you should use the AD-3114A continuation form.

Instructions for form AD-3114 and AD-3114 continuation are available for producers to reference when filling out both forms.

Fill Application with Payment Calculator

Our CFAP Application Generator and Payment Calculator is an Excel workbook that allows you to input information specific to your operation to determine estimated payments and populate the application form, which you can then print, sign, and submit to the FSA office at your local USDA Service Center.

Microsoft Excel is required to use this workbook. Please click the workbook link and select the option to save to your computer. Internet Explorer users, you may experience an error if you try to open the workbook online instead of saving. Once saved, you will need to open the file on your computer and enable editing and/or enable macros at the top of the Excel sheet to input information specific to your operation. A video preview with more information is available here.


Additional Application Materials

In addition to the application form, our staff will work with you to complete portions of the CCC-902 – Farm Operating Plan – if necessary. Additionally, the following forms are needed for CFAP. If you are an existing customer, this information is likely on file at your local USDA Service Center.

  • CCC-901 (Also Available in Spanish) – Identifies members of a farm or ranch that is a legal entity. Member Information will be completed by legal entities and joint operations to collect the following:
    • member names, addresses, and Tax Identification Numbers
    • citizenship status
  • CCC-941 (Also Available in Spanish) – Reports your average adjusted gross income for programs where income restrictions apply. Forms CCC-941 and CCC-942 (if applicable) used for certifying average AGI and Farm AGI are required to be filed by an applicant who is an individual or a legal entity (including all members, stockholders, or partners at or above the fourth level of ownership in the business structure).
  • CCC-942 – If applicable, this certification reports income from farming, ranching, and forestry, for those exceeding the adjusted gross income limitation. Forms CCC-941 and CCC-942 (if applicable) used for certifying average AGI and Farm AGI are required to be filed by an applicant who is an individual or a legal entity (including all members, stockholders, or partners at or above the fourth level of ownership in the business structure).
  • AD-1026 (Also Available in Spanish) – Ensures compliance with highly erodible land conservation and wetland conservation.
  • AD-2047 – Provides basic customer contact information.
  • SF-3881 – Collects your banking information to allow USDA to make payments to you via direct deposit.

FSA has streamlined the signup process to not require an acreage report at the time of application and a USDA farm number may not be immediately needed.

Producers self-certify when they apply for CFAP, and documentation is not submitted with the application. But you may be asked for additional documentation to support your certification of eligible commodities, so you should retain the documentation used to complete your application.


Assistance with Applying

While most USDA Service Centers are open for business by phone appointment only, FSA is working with producers by phone and using email and online tools to process CFAP applications. Please call the FSA office at your local USDA Service Center to schedule an appointment if you’d like assistance or have questions. You can find contact information for your local USDA Service Center at the bottom of the page, and check the status of your local USDA Service Center at

A CFAP Call Center is available for producers who would like additional one-on-one support with the CFAP application process. Please call 877-508-8364 to speak directly with a USDA employee ready to offer assistance. The CFAP Call Center can provide service to non-English speaking customers. Customers will select 1 for English and 2 to speak with a Spanish speaking employee. For other languages, customers select 1 and indicate their language to the Call Center staff.


Additional CFAP Information

Visit for additional information on the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, eligible commodities, CFAP eligibility, payment limitations and structure, and the latest program resources.


Find Your Local Service Center

We are committed to delivering USDA services to America’s farmers and ranchers while taking safety measures in response to COVID-19. While employees continue to staff our Service Centers, some are only available for phone appointments at this time. You can learn the status of your service center through this tool. Learn more at

USDA Service Centers are locations where you can connect with Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, or Rural Development employees for your business needs. Enter your state and county below to find your local service center and agency offices. If this locator does not work in your browser, please visit

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