Request IRA Section 22006 Cash Flow-Based Assistance

USDA is continuing its efforts to assist borrowers through implementation of Section 22006 of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), which provided $3.1 billion for USDA to provide relief for distressed borrowers with certain Farm Service Agency (FSA) direct and/or guaranteed loans and whose agricultural operations are at financial risk.

Please refer to the February 16, 2023 Inflation Reduction Act Section 22006 Letter to FSA Direct Loan Borrowers and eligibility requirements.

A reminder letter was mailed to all direct loan borrowers in September 2023 to clarify the assistance criteria.

You may seek a cash flow analysis from FSA to determine your eligibility for this assistance by submitting the form below and providing the following two financial documents: 

  1. A recent balance sheet (no more than 90 days old) for your operation’s current operating cycle; or you can complete, save to your computer and submit the FSA 2037 - Balance Sheet Worksheet.
  2. A cash flow plan for your current operating cycle or you can complete, save to your computer and submit the FSA 2038 – Cashflow Projection Worksheet.

Below are instructions for applying online for the IRA 22006 cash flow-based assistance. For questions about completing the assistance form below, please contact