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Follow #OurFarmers During #Harvest2020

It’s harvest season, and our team is closely following the fall harvest across the country. We encourage you to follow along with our #harvest2020 campaign, or even better, send us photos of how harvest is going on your farm.

Get Involved

We hope this year brings favorable harvest conditions and high yields. Farmers, we invite you to share your harvest progress by sending an email to with landscape-orientation photos or videos under 10 seconds, a short description of your photo or video, your city and state, and your Twitter handle (if you have one).

In addition to harvest photos, you can send photos and videos of preparing for harvest as well as those that show any challenges along the way. This will be a way for you to show other farmers as well as Americans in general all of the hard work that goes into harvest on your farm.

And, of course, be sure to use the hashtag #harvest2020 in all of your personal posts, too.


Follow Along

You can follow along by checking back periodically to see our #harvest2020 story map as well as signing up for email updates from

Map of all operations engaged in our #harvest2020 campaign across the United States.

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