Conservation at Work Videos

Explore all our different conservation methods used by producers around the country. You can filter the results by one or more types of conservation concern.

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Conservation Type
2 minutes
This video explores how Yvonne Knight-Carter of Moncks Corner, South Carolina, implemented the firebreak conservation practice on her forestland.
Irrigation Water Management
2 minutes
Irrigation water management is paired with irrigation systems to ensure efficiency This video explores how Raghbir Atwal of Yuba City, is using irrigation water management on his orchard.
Irrigation Reservoir
2 minutes
An irrigation reservoir stores water to be used in irrigation. This video explores how Robert and Cathy Seidenstricker of DeValls Bluff, AR, built this to support their row crops.
Conservation Crop Rotation
2 minutes
Conservation crop rotation is growing crops in a planned sequence on the same field. Don Norwood of Mansfield, TN, is using this practice to protect his soil health.
Precision Land Forming
2 minutes
Precision land forming is reshaping the surface of land that will be irrigated. Robert and Cathy Seidenstricker of DeValls Bluff, AR, are improving their irrigation efficiency and water use.
Irrigation Pipeline
2 minutes
An irrigation pipeline conveys water for storage or application as part of an irrigation system. Steve Burke of Sheridan, MT, uses this practice on his cattle, hay, and grain operation.
Pumping Plant
2 minutes
A pumping stating delivers water at a specific rate and pressure. Daniel Keudell of Aumsville, OR, worked with NRCS to update his irrigation system and install variable frequency drives.
Water & Sediment Control Basin
2 minutes
A Water and Sediment Control Basin, often called a “Catch Basin,” is an earth embankment to manage runoff and reduce erosion. Kim Johnson in Paris, TN, is using this practice to reduce gully erosion.