[Archived] Seafood Trade Relief Program

If you are a U.S. fisherman impacted by retaliatory tariffs, you may qualify for funding through the Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP).

[This page has been archived.] Enrollment for the Seafood Trade Relief Program (STRP) ended on January 15, 2021.

Application Forms

Not all forms are required for all applicants. Applicants should contact their local USDA Service Center or the USDA Call Center number below to determine what forms are required for them.


Help with the Application Process

A Call Center is available for fishermen who would like additional one-on-one support with the STRP application process. Please call 877-508-8364 to speak directly with a USDA employee ready to offer assistance. The Call Center can provide service to non-English speaking customers.



About the Seafood Trade Relief Program

The STRP is part of a relief strategy to support fishermen and other producers while the administration continues to work on free, fair and reciprocal trade deals to open more markets to help American farmers compete globally.

The STRP is not a first-come, first-served program. STRP provides all qualified applicants with relief for 2019 landings of eligible seafood.  Payment rates for the program were determined by looking at the average domestic landings reported by all commercial fishing operations in the U.S. for 2019 and comparing it to 2017 landings. From that we determined payment rates per pound for eligible seafood commodities. Those payment rates reflect the estimated severity of the impact of trade disruptions to U.S. seafood caught and sold commercially, and the adjustment to new trade patterns for the types of seafood products. The total amount of estimated damage was used to determine how much funding would be needed. Payments are limited to $250,000 for all seafood commodities combined per person or legal entity. In addition, an applicant’s average adjusted gross income (AGI) cannot exceed $900,000 unless at least 75 percent of the AGI of the person or entity comes from farming, ranching, forestry, seafood harvesting, or related activities.    

More information is available in the Notice of Funds Availability.

Seafood commodities covered through the STRP and their payment rates:

Seafood Rate ($/lb.)
Atka mackerel 0.10
Crab (Dungeness) 0.47
Crab (King) 0.47
Crab (Snow) 0.47
Crab (Southern Tanner) 0.47
Flounder 0.15
Geoduck 0.76
Goosefish 0.10
Herring 0.04
Lobster 0.50
Pacific Cod 0.14
Pacific Ocean Perch 0.10
Pollock 0.01
Sablefish 0.10
Salmon 0.16
Sole 0.15
Squid 0.20
Tuna 0.13
Turbot 0.15

Additional Resources

Testimonial Video

Jeremy Cates is a fourth-generation fisherman in Cutler, Maine who has memories of fishing with his father when he was three years old. He’s now been fishing for over three decades, and his children continue the family legacy. He shares his experience with USDA’s Seafood Trade Relief Program. Watch Jeremy's video.

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