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Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage Programs

The Agriculture Risk (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs provide financial protections to farmers from substantial drops in crop prices or revenues and are vital economic safety nets for most American farms.

Program Deadlines


The following are important program deadlines:

September 30, 2020 – PLC Payment Yield Updates


How ARC & PLC Programs Work

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers and landowners can choose between three commodity title alternatives: ARC-CO (payment based on county revenue), ARC-IC (payment based on individual farm revenue), and PLC (payment based on market year average). Program details for each are outlined below.


Agriculture Risk Coverage-County (ARC-CO) and Individual Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC-IC)

The ARC-CO program provides income support tied to historical base acres, not current production, of covered commodities. ARC-CO payments are issued when the actual county crop revenue of a covered commodity is less than the ARC-CO guarantee for the covered commodity.

Individual Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC-IC) program payments are issued when the actual individual crop revenue for all covered commodities planted on the ARC-IC farm is less than the ARC-IC guarantee for those covered commodities. ARC-IC uses producer’s certified yields, rather than county level yields.

Price Loss Coverage (PLC)

PLC program payments are issued when the effective price of a covered commodity is less than the respective reference price for that commodity. The effective price equals the higher of the market year average price (MYA) or the national average loan rate for the covered commodity.


Program Eligibility, Election, & Enrollment


All farm producers with interest in the cropland must make a unanimous election in 2019 of either ARC-CO or PLC on a crop-by-crop basis. Farmers can also choose Individual Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC-IC) for all covered commodity base acres on a farm.

This election will apply to the farm for 2019 and 2020 crop years. Program election changes are permitted in crop years 2021, 2022, and 2023.


To be eligible for payments, producers must annually enroll their respective share interest of covered 
commodity base acres. For 2019 and subsequent years, enrollment will occur on a covered commodity-by-covered commodity base acre crop basis.

Contact your Farm Service Agency office at your local USDA Service Center for more information.


Program Details



USDA and Partner Web-Based ARC/PLC Decision Tools

  • 2018 Farm Bill Decision Aid: This tool was created by the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, in conjunction with the Food and Agricultural Policy Institute at the University of Missouri.
  • ARC/PLC Calculator: This tool was created by the National Coalition for Producer Education, led by the University of Illinois.

Fact Sheets, Payment Maps, and Program Data


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