Website Content Status Card

The website serves up streamlined content – what producers need and nothing more – with clear instructions, in plain language and enhanced by useful multi-media and data-driven products. The website navigation strategically displays content by customer tasks or “what producers want to do” rather than by USDA agency or program.


Available website structure built around “what producers want to do” for their business landing pages as a useful snapshot of USDA resources for farmers, ranchers, private foresters and other agricultural producers
Navigation and content around farm loans

In Progress

Create a page about the USDA Farm Production and Conservation with links to all USDA agencies that directly serve or impact agricultural producers
Build navigation and content around disaster assistance and recovery
Build navigation and content around agricultural business management, from risk management to marketing
Build navigation and content around conservation planning and implementation
Integrate local content related to disaster assistance and recovery, agricultural business management, conservation planning and implementation and farm loans

Ongoing Improvement Activities

  • Enhance and regularly update existing content based on customer feedback and analytics
  • Align content with 2018 Farm Bill updates and implementation
  • Build new “connect” content and features for customers