An H-2A program page with streamlined information from US Department of Labor, US Citizenship and Immigration Services, US Department of State, and the state workforce agencies
An H-2A Visa Checklist tool that delivers a printable custom checklist with application requirements, fees, forms, and timeline built around a farmer’s hiring needs
Calendar reminders that farmers can download from the H-2A Visa Checklist tool directly to their personal devices
Update the H-2A program page and checklist when the US Department of Labor publishes a new, streamlined application form

In Progress

Create digital media products – such as video, blog posts, and social media content - about and by farmers who have experience with the H-2A Visa Program
Build a seamless digital application process across the website, portal, and US Department of Labor’s IT systems

Ongoing Improvement Activities

  • Track the H-2A program page and checklist through a multi-faceted evaluation approach – which includes Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HotJar heatmaps and videos, and direct customer feedback - to address farmer “pain points” immediately and track trends for long-term website improvement