A Symphony of Songbirds at Red Apple Farm

Early one morning, in the summer of 2018, Bill Rose was walking through a forested area of his family’s farm in Phillipston, Massachusetts. The area had been thinned as part of a forest conservation project. With just six to 10 trees per acre left standing and scattered brush piles everywhere, the land looked very different than before the cut.

Northern Bobwhite Quail: Restoring a Species

In the last 50 years, populations of the northern bobwhite quail have decreased by 85 percent in the United States. Loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitat on a continental scale has largely silenced the iconic species across rural America. 

Tall Timbers – through its research and land management – as well as a network of conservation partners are working together to help this species rebound.  

#Fridaysonthefarm: Planning Boosts Forest Health and Management

From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, the USDA brings people together across the nation for: healthier food, natural resources and people; a stronger agricultural industry; and economic growth, jobs and innovation. Each Friday, meet those farmers, producers and landowners through our #Fridaysonthefarm stories. Visit local farms, ranches, forests and resource areas where USDA customers and partners do right and feed everyone.

#Fridaysonthefarm Story Series Comes to

During Agriculture Week 2017, the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service kicked off an interactive story series - #Fridaysonthefarm - that highlights producers and landowners on local farms, ranches, forests and private working lands who are doing right and feeding everyone. Now each Friday, view the popular #Fridaysonthefarm stories here on as the series brings NRCS, Farm Service Agency and Risk Management Agency together as oneUSDA.