Faces of Vermont Agriculture: New Video Series

I have farmed with my husband, Sam Burr, since 1979. We started with dairy, first milking registered Jerseys, and over the years, we’ve diversified our operation to include certified-organic berries, vegetables, and hay on our beautiful 285-acre farm, Last Resort, in Monkton, Vermont. We have also raised three children on this farm, which we call home.

Grow and Tell: Save Time and Money with No-Till

Saving soil isn't the only reason Trey Hill practices no-till – it also saves money.

Trey raises corn, soybeans, and wheat on his family farm in Rock Hall, Maryland. No-till allows him to cut time spent in-field each year, reducing both his operating costs and wear and tear on his equipment. No-till also reduces erosion across Trey’s operation, holding valuable soil in place and minimizing runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.

Grow and Tell: Bring out the Crimp

You can look at Levi Lyle’s tractor and see that he farms smarter, not harder. With a front-mounted roller crimper and planter in tow, Levi only needs one pass to terminate cover crops and plant the seeds of his next harvest.

He’s saving time and fuel, but the other benefits are equally valuable. The thick mat of crimped cereal rye reduces erosion, improves soil health, and replaces herbicides.