The Founding Farmers

From Mount Vernon to Monticello, many of the key conservation practices that USDA recommends producers use on their farms have roots with our “founding farmers,” from presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to innovators like Ben Franklin. 

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Veteran Farmer Keeps Serving Others

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, we travel to Milledgeville, Georgia, where Jon Jackson – a former Army Ranger – is furthering his post-military mission of service through agriculture.

Meet Jon, and learn how he has worked with USDA to create Comfort Farms, the nation’s first Acute Veterans Crisis Agriculture Center and “a healing farm for veterans.”

#FridaysOnTheFarm: An Orchard Becomes a Community’s Jewel

In this week's #FridaysOnTheFarm, meet Maria Alonso, who began farming in 2010 in Ontario, California as part of a quest to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for her son, who was suffering from symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. 

Then, doctors were recommending either medicine or a change in diet. She chose the latter due to her available financial resources and her drive to garden.

Get Access to Your Portal

The vision of is to provide farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners with online self-service applications, educational materials, engagement opportunities, and business tools.

Many of these self-service features are available through the secure portal, where you can log in to your dashboard to apply for programs, process transactions, and manage accounts.  

Dairy Producers Receive a Boost from USDA

In farm country outside Buffalo, New York, you will find Frank Valent working with his 80 or so Holstein and Jersey cows to put milk on America’s table. Travel over to Ohio, Frank Burkett III operates a larger dairy operation with around 700 Holsteins. 

These dairymen may manage different size farms, but they have more in common than both being named Frank. Like dairy farmers across the country, both are facing low milk prices, increasing operational costs, and waning consumer demand.

For Farmers, By Farmers: Bobwhite Blog Piques Producer Interest across Country

As we develop content for, we continuously ask ourselves: “How will this information help a farmer?” We share stories about farmers, ranchers, and forest managers who are using USDA programs to improve their operations. We also share information on some of our key efforts – and how a producer can help northern bobwhite and livestock at the same time. 

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Pining for the Holidays

In this week's #FridaysOnTheFarm, meet Scott Powell and Christopher Maciborski, evergreen farmers in northern Michigan. The brothers-in-law, and their families, cultivate holiday cheer at Dutchman Tree Farms by providing cut Christmas trees and wreaths for families across the country. 

“We’re thinking about Christmas 365 days a year. I love it,” said Christopher. “The only one who would have a better job is Santa Claus.”