Grow and Tell: Peak Efficiency

Water conservation saves money. That’s one of the reasons Oregon farmer Jeff McNerny installed a high-efficiency irrigation system.

But Jeff is also consciously conserving water for his downstream neighbors and protecting habitat for the fish in those streams. And the irrigation’s flow control feature ensures that every tree in Jeff’s orchard gets just the right amount of water.

For Farmers, By Farmers: USDA Employee Puts the Farmer First in

“Randy Smith is a forward-thinking cattleman with a small herd in Georgia. He works closely with Natural Resources Conservation Service to put conservation practices on his land and experiment with new and innovative conservation approaches. While he does some of his business in person, Randy needs easy access to information and documents online, including contact information for his local field office.

Keeping Lands in Family Hands

Nestled in the hills of Adams County, Pennsylvania lies a fifth-generation family farm, Boyer Nurseries and Orchards. Since 1900, the nursery has been a family business and an important agricultural landscape in the county.

Thanks to a conservation easement, the Lowers have peace of mind knowing their family land will stay in agriculture forever.

Beef and ‘Bobs’ – Maximize Cattle Production and Help Bobwhites on Your Land

You’re probably familiar with the northern bobwhite and its decline. The bobwhite, or what many of us call quail, has seen its population dip by more than 80 percent across large sections of its range during the past 60 years.

Farmers can greatly help the species with a few tweaks to their cattle operations.