Today and All Days, We Thank #OurFarmers

Farmers and ranchers are the backbone of America.

They grow food to feed us, fiber to clothe us, and fuel to run our homes and cars. In doing so, they also provide economic stability across the nation – stability that supports rural economies and creates much-needed jobs in local communities. No matter who we are, where we live, or what we do, we all have daily reason to celebrate and thank #ourfarmers.

Strength of Character and Mind

This week we travel to Chowchilla, California, where Jim Chew grows pistachios with his wife and son on their operation – Forever Grateful Ranch.

Jim has faced challenges in recent years, but he’s emerged with a newfound passion for life and farming. This is reflected in all that Jim does, down to the name of his ranch itself.

A Symphony of Songbirds at Red Apple Farm

Early one morning, in the summer of 2018, Bill Rose was walking through a forested area of his family’s farm in Phillipston, Massachusetts. The area had been thinned as part of a forest conservation project. With just six to 10 trees per acre left standing and scattered brush piles everywhere, the land looked very different than before the cut.

Farmer Scientists: Five Trials in Managing for Soil Health

There’s a common piece of advice given to farmers interested in improving soil health – pick a field and start. This 23-minute video follows five South Carolina farmers as they do just that.

Working with Dr. Robin “Buz” Kloot, Research Associate Professor at the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health, each farmer seeks to quantify the potential benefits of conservation practices like no-till adoption and planting diverse cover crops.

#FridaysOnTheFarm: For the Love of Farms

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, we travel to Slick, Oklahoma, where 79-year-old Patricia Crenshaw has owned and operated her late father’s cattle operation for the past 18 years.

For Pat, farming is more than a business – it’s a joyful way to contribute to her community and the overall health of her land.


Healing Patients on the Farm: Dr. Ron Weiss

Most people don’t look forward to spending time at their doctor’s office, but Dr. Ron Weiss’s office isn’t typical of most health care facilities. His practice, Ethos Health, is in the center of an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Long Valley, New Jersey.
Instead of just treating symptoms of disease and illness, Dr. Weiss goes directly to the source of health – food and the environment.

The Founding Farmers

From Mount Vernon to Monticello, many of the key conservation practices that USDA recommends producers use on their farms have roots with our “founding farmers,” from presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to innovators like Ben Franklin. 

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Veteran Farmer Keeps Serving Others

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, we travel to Milledgeville, Georgia, where Jon Jackson – a former Army Ranger – is furthering his post-military mission of service through agriculture.

Meet Jon, and learn how he has worked with USDA to create Comfort Farms, the nation’s first Acute Veterans Crisis Agriculture Center and “a healing farm for veterans.”