February 2019

#FridaysOnTheFarm: For the Love of Farms

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, we travel to Slick, Oklahoma, where 79-year-old Patricia Crenshaw has owned and operated her late father’s cattle operation for the past 18 years.

For Pat, farming is more than a business – it’s a joyful way to contribute to her community and the overall health of her land.


New Science Shows Benefits of Grazing Native Warm-Season Grasses

When it comes to keeping cows fat and happy, the newest available science shows integrating native grasses into grazing lands is a good option for agricultural producers.

A literature review conducted by the University of Tennessee and funded by USDA found strong evidence that using native warm-season grasses caused steers to gain more weight per day and yield more beef per acre, compared with non-native grasses like tall fescue.

Building a Business on Goats and Gelato

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, meet Gary Carder, veteran and owner of Capream Dairy in Prescott, Arizona. This Grade-A goat dairy specializes in the production of milk, gelato, and cheese, which are sold at retail locations around the state.

With goals to expand the company over the next few years, Capream plans to grow its employee base by creating job opportunities for people in the area. Gary also hopes to partner with local schools to give students hands-on experience with the goat industry.

Healing Patients on the Farm: Dr. Ron Weiss

Most people don’t look forward to spending time at their doctor’s office, but Dr. Ron Weiss’s office isn’t typical of most health care facilities. His practice, Ethos Health, is in the center of an organic fruit and vegetable farm in Long Valley, New Jersey.
Instead of just treating symptoms of disease and illness, Dr. Weiss goes directly to the source of health – food and the environment.

The Founding Farmers

From Mount Vernon to Monticello, many of the key conservation practices that USDA recommends producers use on their farms have roots with our “founding farmers,” from presidents like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, to innovators like Ben Franklin. 

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Veteran Farmer Keeps Serving Others

In this week’s #FridaysOnTheFarm, we travel to Milledgeville, Georgia, where Jon Jackson – a former Army Ranger – is furthering his post-military mission of service through agriculture.

Meet Jon, and learn how he has worked with USDA to create Comfort Farms, the nation’s first Acute Veterans Crisis Agriculture Center and “a healing farm for veterans.”

#FridaysOnTheFarm: An Orchard Becomes a Community’s Jewel

In this week's #FridaysOnTheFarm, meet Maria Alonso, who began farming in 2010 in Ontario, California as part of a quest to provide fresh fruits and vegetables for her son, who was suffering from symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. 

Then, doctors were recommending either medicine or a change in diet. She chose the latter due to her available financial resources and her drive to garden.