September 2018

#FridaysOnTheFarm: Nebraska Couple Works to Welcome Wildlife

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Beef and ‘Bobs’ – Maximize Cattle Production and Help Bobwhites on Your Land

You’re probably familiar with the northern bobwhite and its decline. The bobwhite, or what many of us call quail, has seen its population dip by more than 80 percent across large sections of its range during the past 60 years.

Farmers can greatly help the species with a few tweaks to their cattle operations.

Grow and Tell: Oregon Microbe Farmer

Oregon farmer Jen Aron knows a secret – if you feed soil microbes, they’ll help your plants grow.

“The microbes are at the forefront of everything we do here,” said Jen. “It’s not about what we put on the soil, it’s about how we care for the soil.”

Watch this short Grow and Tell video to learn how Jen takes care of her microbes, and how they take care of her plants.

Eckert’s Manages Risk through Crop Insurance, Diversification

Chris Eckert finds himself spending a lot of time talking about the weather.

The president of Eckert’s Inc., a family farm in southern Illinois, often talks of its unpredictability with co-workers because they are so highly dependent on it.

“We live in fear of what changes in climate mean for us,” Eckert said. “We do as much as possible to mitigate our exposure because there’s so much that’s not in our control.”