#Fridaysonthefarm: Planning Boosts Forest Health and Management

Posted by Tivoli Gough, NRCS Wisconsin State Public Affairs Specialist in Conservation Forestry
Apr 06, 2018

From the kitchen table to the boardroom table, the USDA brings people together across the nation for: healthier food, natural resources and people; a stronger agricultural industry; and economic growth, jobs and innovation. Each Friday, meet those farmers, producers and landowners through our #Fridaysonthefarm stories. Visit local farms, ranches, forests and resource areas where USDA customers and partners do right and feed everyone.

Landscape photo of forest.

Jay and Mike Carlson are a father-son team working with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to manage their forest land in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. This Friday, travel to Richland County, Wisconsin to see how the duo is planting seedlings and harvesting timber to create wildlife habitat across 127 forested acres.

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Category/Topic: Conservation Forestry