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Conservation at Work Videos

Explore all our different conservation methods used by producers around the country. You can filter the results by one or more types of conservation concern.

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Conservation Type
Watering Facility
2 minutes
A watering facility is installed to provide a location for livestock to drink water. George McClelland of Petaluma, CA, uses this practice to support the grazing plan on his organic dairy farm.
Livestock Pipeline
2 minutes
A livestock pipeline conveys water for livestock or wildlife. George McClelland of Petaluma, CA, uses this practice as part of his rotational grazing plan on his organic dairy farm.
Tree Shrub Establishment
2 minutes
Tree/Shrub Establishment is planting trees or shrubs. This video explores how Larry Brown of Ennis, MT, planted trees to benefit his honey bees and other pollinators.
2 minutes
A pond is an embankment that holds water. This video explores how Dave Budeau of Turner, OR, constructed a pond to build wetland habitat on his land.
Brush Management
2 minutes
Brush Management is removing woody species from rangeland or grassland. Dan Doornbos in Alder, MT, is using this practice to increase his forage and improve wildlife habitat.
Grassed Waterway
2 minutes
A grassed waterway is a shaped channel planted to suitable vegetation to reduce the speed of water runoff. Delaware Wildlands in Townsend, DE, is providing wildlife habitat and reducing runoff.
Wetland Restoration
2 minutes
Wetland restoration is returning a former or degraded wetland to its previous wetland condition. Nathan Hudson in Laurel, DE, is providing wildlife habitat and improving water quality.
Grade Stabilization Structure
2 minutes
A grade stabilization structure controls the grade in a channel. Vern Kimber in Tillamook, OR, is preventing flooding and allowing salmon to use the stream.