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Conservation at Work Videos

Explore all our different conservation methods used by producers around the country. You can filter the results by one or more types of conservation concern.

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Conservation Type
Forage and Biomass Planting
2 minutes
Forage and biomass planting is used to create additional feed for livestock. This video explores how Kenny Sites of Sheridan, AR, is using this practice to support his grazing plan.
Watering Facility
2 minutes
A watering facility is installed to provide a location for livestock to drink water. George McClelland of Petaluma, CA, uses this practice to support the grazing plan on his organic dairy farm.
Livestock Pipeline
2 minutes
A livestock pipeline conveys water for livestock or wildlife. George McClelland of Petaluma, CA, uses this practice as part of his rotational grazing plan on his organic dairy farm.
Animal Mortality Facility
2 minutes
An animal mortality facility is built for the treatment or disposal of animal carcasses. This video explores how Terry Small of Hector, AR, built one on his poultry farm.
2 minutes
A fence is a constructed barrier to animals or people. This video explores how Paul Lisai of West Glover, VT, is using fencing to manage the cattle on his dairy farm.
Waste Transfer System
2 minutes
A waste transfer system moves waste from where it's produced to where it will be used or treated. Dave Conant of Richmond, VT, is efficiently applying manure to his land.
Water Well
2 minutes
A water well is a hole constructed to give access to groundwater. This video explores how Dan Doornbos of Alder, MT, uses a water well to support the grazing plan on his cattle ranch.
Brush Management
2 minutes
Brush Management is removing woody species from rangeland or grassland. Dan Doornbos in Alder, MT, is using this practice to increase his forage and improve wildlife habitat.