Soil Health: How to Use Cover Crops when Facing Many Production Challenges

Hervé Lescombes of Lescombes Family Vineyards in Deming, New Mexico doesn’t have a typical soil health story, but many of the elements of a soil health journey are there―a break with the traditional approach, embracing failure as a way to learn and keen observation of how the vineyard  soils respond to change. Learn how shifts in his management style over time, including perennial covers, composting and buried drip irrigation lines turn early failures into learning opportunities that led him to a thriving vineyard.

A toast to the success of soil health practices!

How to Put Your Personal Journey into Soil Health

Filmed in the summer of 2019

[video (3 mins)] 

A brief conversation with Hervé Lescombes of Lescombes Family Vineyards about early failures of the vineyard and how utilizing an underground irrigation system in combination with soil health practices led to a thriving production system in New Mexico’s desert.