Celebrate No-Till November with Us

Back (again!) by popular demand, USDA is celebrating No-Till November. This fall, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service encourages America’s agricultural producers to keep the stubble and give their farm a more rugged, natural look. Many farmers till during the fall, but there are so many good reasons not to:

  • No-till improves soil health by not disturbing soil microbiology. Beneficial soil microbes are essential for growing food, fiber, and fuel.
  • No-till improves the soil’s water holding capacity and keeps soils in place, preventing harmful runoff and erosion.
  • No-till saves time, money (fuel) and wear on equipment. It’s an economically-sound choice.
Image of a field and NO TILL words.

Leave it be, let it grow!


We’ll be sharing information and stories about no-till here on farmers.gov as well as our social media channels, including Twitter, Facebookand Instagram. Join us, by tagging us in your posts showing off your untilled fields, or a #KeepTheStubble selfie using our cutout beard. Download the cutout.


Photo of two men with Beard images.